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Join Wilcity Bundle Plugins  club to unlock all premium plugins 

Warning: Account that you use to purchase a Wilcity Product and Account that you used to generate Wilcity Token MUST BE THE SAME. If you purchased Wilcity Product with another account, please contact us at Contact Us


We will build your Android app / your iOS app (Note that it’s 300$ / 1 Platform, 2  platforms) looks exactly like the demo. After the Apps have been created successful, We will send to you an email notification.

Next time, when we release a new version of Wilcity App, you will have to buy this plan again.

We need:

  1. Your Apple Developer account to generate p12 files. To register an Apple Developer account, please click on this link. If you don’t want to upload iOS App, you can skip it.
  2. Your Google Play Store account to register Android App on the Google Play Store. To register a Google Play Store account, please click on this link.
  3. A WordPress account to build the App Home Page on your site
  4. An App Logo (1024 x 1024px – vector file)
  5. An App Splash Screen (1242 x 2436px)


Please read Terms and Conditional and Privacy before purchasing


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