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$500 / year


Join Wilcity Bundle Plugins  club to unlock all premium plugins 

Warning: Account that you use to purchase a Wilcity Product and Account that you used to generate Wilcity Token MUST BE THE SAME. If you purchased Wilcity Product with another account, please contact us at Contact Us


If you are using the Silver plan, You can use all Wilcity Paid Plugins for free!

We will build your Android app, and your iOS app looks exactly like the demo. After the Apps have been created successfully, We will send to you an email notification.

After releasing a new version, We will re-build the both iOS App and Android App and re-send it to you. You don’t have to pay to us within 1 year from the purchased day.

We need:

  1. Your Apple Developer account to generate p12 files. To register an Apple Developer account, please click on this link. If you don’t want to upload iOS App, you can skip it.
  2. Your Google Play Store account to register Android App on the Google Play Store. To register a Google Play Store account, please click on this link.
  3. A WordPress account to build the App Home Page on your site
  4. If you want to design App Logo (1024 x 1024px – vector file) yourself, please send it to us.
  5. If you want to design your App Splash Screen (1242 x 2436px) yourself, please send it to us.


  1. Website Checking (1 day): Checking your website and report to you things need to be resolved such as Listing Content. If We can resolve it it ourself, We will do it.
  2. App configuration (3 days): Setting up Basic things such as App Slash, Firebase Configuration, App homepage, and so on.
  3. Build an iOS App (3 days): Building and submitting your App
  4. Submit iOS App to TestFlight (for testing) and wait for Apple Review: It usually takes 1 day
  5. Submit iOS App to App Store and wait for Apple Review: It usually takes 4 days (*)
  6. Build an Android app: 1 day
  7. Submit Android app to Google Play and wait for review: It usually takes 4 days (*)
  8. Setting up Apple Login, Facebook Login, Gmail Login (2 days): It requires an approved app, so it’s last step.


Please read Terms and Conditional and Privacy before purchasing

3 reviews for SILVER

  1. licanin.djordje

    Hi. I want to buy Silver or Gold plan but my support is expired. Can I get support for free if I buy Silver or Gold plan?


    Hi. I want to buy Silver or Gold plan but my support is expired. Can I get support for free if I buy Silver or Gold plan?

    • nguyendttn

      You can use Support Service for free if you purchase Silver or Gold plan

  3. mero_rose_wah

    I purchased your Wilcity theme 2 times before , I still can’t get a nice website, but I thought to try for the last time and I sent inquires for your support on Envato yesterday, asking about the silver app for $300 if it has support for the theme and include plugins bundle , suddenly I found that you doubled your prices for the app service I asked about, basic was $150 it became $300, silver was $300 it became $500, Gold was $550 it became $600, what is this???
    did you found an interest on item them you doubled its price?
    what kind of this service?
    when you increase 100s of dollars it means 1000s of my currency, it is huge amount of money.
    I’m very angry with your service.
    is your app doesn’t work well? is that why you raised the price to not become responsible of its functionality?
    send me higher support email to communicate with.

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