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We all know that Website Speed is a very important component now. According to some statistics:

  • Nearly 50% of users expect a load time of 2 seconds or less.
  • If a website loading exceeds more than 3 seconds, then you can expect roughly 40% of your web traffic to leave.
  • Customer satisfaction reduces significantly during web page loading delays.

What’s included?

This service includes the following:

Website Speed Audit

  1. We find out elements still slowing down your website.
  2. Setup your hosting server for the best speed optimization.
  3. Minify scripts of your website.
  4. Setup Wiloke Optimization plugin.
  5. Setup Cloudflare config for your web.

Performance Testing:

  • We will use GTmetrix to optimize your website more for a better speed.

Special Offer

You always have us do the job at Wilcity Optimization Service. Every beloved customer of the service will get a 50% discount coupon for when they want Wilcity Bundles (containing all of our premium plugins) to get the full Wilcity world.

How long it takes?


Everything is done in 7 days or shorter. Please contact us and provide some information so we can do all the jobs:

  • Domain URL
  • WordPress Admin account
  • FTP account
  • Host cPanel Account
  • Your account in the domain provider website.
  • Your Cloudflare account

2 reviews for Wilcity Optimization

  1. cuongpham259

    Thanks to the support team.
    Excellent speed improvement, above all expectations.

  2. Surendra

    Support from your team is not required, plugin updates and plugins of your theme are not available. While your theme has been purchased

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