Join Wilcity Bundle Plugins  club to unlock all premium plugins 

Warning: Account that you use to purchase a Wilcity Product and Account that you used to generate Wilcity Token MUST BE THE SAME. If you purchased Wilcity Product with another account, please contact us at Contact Us


There are 2 ways to download WooKit:

  1. You can purchase Wilcity Plugin Bundles - It allows you to unlock all premium plugins
  2. Or you can purchase the plugin directly on Codecanyon

Server Requirements:

  1. Make sure that your server is running PHP 7.4
  2. WordPress Version: >= 5.8

Yes, You can unlock the plugin with Wilcity Plugin Bundles even you purchased the Bundle before

If you are using Wilcity Service, You can follow the above steps to install this plugin:

  1. Installing Wilcity Service plugin
  2. Then click on Wilcity Service from the sidebar -> You will see WooKit under Wilcity Service area -> Click on Install button

  1. If you haven't purchase Wilcity Service, You must to purchase this plugin first
  2. If your Wilcity Service bundle was expired, You should reorder it or purchase a new one 


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