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Sending Custom Notification in Wilcity

Some customers asked us on the Wilcity Fanpage for “Sending a notification directly to Wilcity App and Wilcity Web?”, We will show you how to do that in this tutorial.

Step 1: Updating required plugins and installing Wilcity Sending Notification Directly plugin

  1. From the admin sidebar, click on Wilcity Service -> Click on Update button on Wiloke Listing Tools plugin and Wilcity Mobile App plugin.
  2. Download Wilcity Sending Notification Directly plugin by click on
  3. Click on Plugins -> Add New -> Install the plugin that you downloaded at step 2

Step 2: Configuring Wilcity Sending Notification Directly plugin

From the admin sidebar, click on Wilcity Sending Notification, you will see the setting area looks like this:

Title: The title of your notification

Message: The content of your notification

Send to Web / App: Where your notification will be sent to.

Send to Customer Mode:

  • All users: Sending your notification to all users
  • Customers who are following me: Send your notification to customers who are following SEND FROM
  • Custom: Specifying customers who will get your notification. To setup customers, you should enter in customer username in the Customer’s username field. EG: admin,wilcity

At the first time, Wilcity will send the notification to maximum 50 customers. Then, every 10 minutes Wilcity will send messages to the next 50 customers.

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  1. Just downloaded and tested this plugin guys. The notification came through, but there was no text displayed on the message.

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