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How to setup Wilcity Listings Tabs

Wilcity Listings Tabs allows you can create Multiple Grids (The Listing Locations/Categories are tab items and each grid layout is under a Listing Location / Listing Category tab) on the Home Page and You can also add Filter Options to Grid, so Customers can Filter Listings that meets their purpose right on the Home Page instead of going to Search Page.

Setting up Listings Tabs

Step 1: From the admin sidebar, click on Pages -> Your Front – Page -> Click on Add New Shortcode

Step 2: Search for Listings Tabs -> Click on it

Step 3: You will see Listings Tabs setting now, You should pay attention to the following settings:

Navigation Type: Which means what Taxonomy You want to set as Navigation Filter (In WordPress, Listing Category, Listing Location are called Taxonomies)

Get Terms Type: There are 2 options Specify Terms and Get Term Children (The item in Listing Location / Category is called Term).

1. Specify Terms means all terms that are selected in Select Listing Categories / Locations setting will be used as Navigation Items.

2. Get Term Children means We will get the children of Term that is selected in Select Listing Categories / Locations. EG: We setup Albany, Chemung, Chenango, Rensselaer, Westchester are children of New York Location, and New York is set to Select Listing Locations on Listings Tabs shortcode, the Albany, Chemung, Chenango, Rensselaer, Westchester will be shown up as Navigation Items

Order By Options: This feature allow customers can Filter Listing right on the Listings Tabs

Select Listing Location / Select Category: When Navigation Type is set to Listing Location, this setting will show up as Listing Category and vice versa. In the previous version, We didn’t add this feature, but Why We added it now? Let us explain its purpose:

Imaging that you have 3 Locations: New York, Paris, Hanoi and 3 Categories: Food, Hotel, Shopping.

And now, We set Listing Category as Navigation Type => The front-end will display ALL Listings that belong to Food, Hotel and Shopping.

If a customer who wants to Paris next week, will he interesting in Listings in New York and Hanoi? No, he won’t!

So, We will set Paris to Listing Location => The front-end will display All Listings that belongs to Food, Hotel, Shopping in Paris now.

Maximum Items: Maximum listings are shown up on each Listings Grid. We HIGHTLY RECOMMEND LEAVING EMPTY this setting. When leaving it empty, Wilcity will AUTOMATICALLY calculate maximum listings on each devices.

To understand this feature, please click on Column Settings tab.

So, when leaving empty Maximum Items, Maximum Listings on the screen that has 1200px are 5 listings, 960px are 4 listings.