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Building a nice Taxonomy page with Wilcity shortcodes

Wilcity provides to you lots of shortcodes that help you not only to build a great home page but also Taxonomy page.

In this tutorial, We will setup Listing Location page, You can do the same with Listing Category page.

Step 1: Setting up Custom Taxonomy page

  1. Click on Pages -> Add New -> Create a new page and set this page to Wilcity Taxonomy Template
  2. Go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Customize Taxonomies
  3. Set Listing Taxonomy Page Style to I create it myself mode
  4. Set the page that created at step 1 to Listing Location

To know more about Custom Taxonomy page, please read

Step 2: Building Custom Taxonomy page with Wilcity Shortcodes

Wilcity New Grid shortcode

Since Wilcity 1.2.0, Wilcity New Grid was added. This shortcode works like Wilcity Listings Tabs, but it does not have Tabs Filter.

Let’s have a look at its settings:

Heading: If you want to use a dynamic Heading, You can put %termName% in it. In the above example, when visiting Hanoi Location, the Heading is Food experiences in Hanoi and when visiting New York, it’s Food experiences in New York.

Description: You can use %termName% in the description as well

Taxonomy Type: We have setting up Listing Location, so We SHOULD NOT set Taxonomy type to Listing Location type.

Select Listing Location: We SHOULD leave it empty. When the field is empty, the current Listing Location is filled up.

So, when visiting Hanoi Location, the shortcode will display all listings that belong to Listing Categories that were specified in the shortcode and Hanoi Location.

Maximum Items: We recommend leaving it empty. When leaving this setting empty, the number of items is matched Items / Device setting

Terms Group shortcodes

To understand how Terms Group work, pleas read Understanding how Terms Group shortcodes

When using this group shortcodes in a Term page, We recommend paying to Taxonomy Type setting:

If you set Taxonomy Type to Listing Location, You should leave Select Listing Locations empty. The Children of Listing Locations will be filled up automatically.

If you set Taxonomy Type to Listing Category, You should Selection Listing Location empty and specify Categories that you want to use to Select Listing Categories setting.

The Listing Location is became a Dynamic Location, which means Wilcity will automatically filled up Current Location to this field.

The above example, when clicking on Shopping -> Browser will redirect to Search Page -> and the Search page will show up Listings that belong to Shopping category in New York city.

Wilcity Post Types (It’s available since Wilcity 1.2)

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Understanding Terms Group shortcode

In WordPress, The item in Tag, Category, Listing Location, Listing Category is called Term. EG: We add New York to Listing Location. New York is called Term

Wilcity provides various shortcodes (Term Boxes, Rectangle Term Boxes, Modern Term Boxes, Masonry Term Boxes) that allow you can show up Terms on the Front-page. These shortcodes have the same functionality but different from styles, We call them Terms Group.

In this tutorial, We will use Rectangle Term Boxes to explain Terms Group feature.

Setting up Rectangle Term Boxes shortcode

Step 1: Click on Pages -> Your Front page

Step 2: Click on Add New shortcode

Step 3: Search for Rectangle Term Boxes and insert this shortcode to Editor

Understanding Rectangle Term Boxes shortcode settings

Term Redirect:

There are 2 options Self Term Page and Search Page.

Self Term Page: Which means when clicking on a Term, the browser will redirect to its page. To setup the Term page, please read #placeholderhere#

Search Page: Instead of redirecting to self Term page, it will redirect to Search page. To setup Search Page, please read and follow Setting up Search Page

Taxonomy Type

Specifying what taxonomy will be used on the shortcode.

If Taxonomy Type is Listing Location, Select Listing Locations will be shown up. And If Taxonomy Type is Listing Category, Select Listing Categories will be shown up.

Select Listing Location / Listing Category

This feature was not added from original, It’s available from Wilcity 1.2.0.

So, Why did we decide to add this feature? Let me explain it:

Imaging that We have a group of Listing R in New York City and these listings belong to Restaurant Category.

We have a group of Listing H in New York City and these Listings belongs to Hotel Category.

This feature helps to split Restaurant Category and Hotel category to 2 different Term Boxes.

The above example, When clicking New York, it will redirect to Search page and it will show up all Listings that belongs to Restaurant category in New York city