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What is a deep link?

What is a deep link?

Deep link is a type of link for mobile platforms that directs users to a particular content inside an app.

When a customer clicks on a Deep Link, there are 2 circumstances when users click on a deep link:

#1 People using laptops and computers will be redirected to another web page (as usual).

#2 People using smartphones and tablets won’t see a website. Instead:

#2.1 If they have installed the app: The deep link will open a relevant content inside the app.

#2.2 If the app hasn’t been installed yet: A pop-up window will appear and invite users to install the app. If they choose Yes, it will direct them to the app page in the App Store or CH Play.

So what are Benefits of Deep Links?

  1. Deep links are convenient and follow the mobile trend. It helps users immediately go inside the app from a mobile website or social media. Which satisfies the demand of modern life
  2. Deep links can increase sales. The convenience of deep links improves the possibility that people will buy products instead of sleeping on it then choose other products or buy it from other providers.
  3. Deep links help to earn loyal customers. Some people have installed the app but don’t use it so often. Deep links encourage them to use the app more frequently.
  4. Google also indexes mobile app deep links. That means people can find your app through search and become your new users!

Wilcity App does support Deep links!

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NOTE: If you have joined our Silver or Gold Plan, please check your mailbox and reply to our email asking whether you want to include the Deep Link feature for your app. 

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