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Wilcity 1.4.0 is now available

Dear folks,

Wilcity 1.4.0 is now available. This update includes lots of improvements and some bug fixes.

Here are some major features on this update:

  1. pageStack works well with Elementor, King Composer, and Visual Composer now
  2. Improves a feature that allows Wilcity to auto-detect lat-long when clicking on a Map area on Add Listing page
  3. New App Version announcement…/simulator_screenshot_1C87A0A9.
  4. Improves Pay & Publish listing UX.
  5. Get rid of the Select Listing Types step if there is 1 listing type only.

Please read to learn how to update to this version.

Add Listing features IS AVAIlABLE on Wilcity App

You can now allow Customers to Add a Listing on your App, please read to learn how to do that.

1 thought on “Wilcity 1.4.0 is now available

  1. Hello Wilcity,
    I have submitted a ticket 6 days ago and I still haven’t got any reply from you guys and neither the issue has been resolved. Why is your support haven’t replied to my ticket?

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