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Wilcity Advanced WooCommerce Announcement

Dear folks,

As you know, We announced to you about Wilcity Advanced WooCommerce before, but We can’t launch it this month. We are sorry for delaying!

To show up Products on Listing A, You will have to specify these products to Listing A, it’s limited.

For instance, If You are owner of a Pizza Business, We believe that you want to show up Pizza Food and Drink on your Listing, there are 2 issues now:

  1. You CAN’T separately Food and Drink on your menu
  2. If you have 10 Food Products and 10 Drink Products, You will assign 20 products to Listing. Imaging that We have 100 Listings, We will have to do 20*100 times.

We decide to delay release this plugin because We want to improve it, and We did.

Instead of specify products to Listing:

  1. You can use specify Product Categories to the Listing
  2. Or you can use Get all my Simple products. Which means all your products will be shown up on your Listing

We also added Directly Checkout feature to this plugin and you can customize it.

Due to improving features on Web version, We will have to re-factory code on Wilcity App as well, this is reason why We have to delay to release it this month.

The plugin is going to release next month and you can download it for free still.

Hoping you understand for us and thank for supporting!

Best regards,


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