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Wilcity Invoice Addon

The following fonts are included with mPDF 6:

Font(s)Download URLCopyright / LicenseCoverage
DejaVuSans DejaVuSansCondensed DejaVuSerif DejaVuSerifCondensed DejaVuSansMono© Bitstream[Numerous]
FreeSans FreeSerif FreeMono GPL v3[Numerous incl. Indic]
Quivira for any useCoptic Buhid Tagalog Tagbanwa Lisu
Abyssinica SIL Open Font LicenseEthiopic
XBRiyaz ( XW Zar fonts) Open Font LicenseArabic
Taamey David CLM GPL 2Hebrew
Estrangelo Edessa (SyrCOMEdessa.otf)Adapted licence (free to use/share)Syriac
Aegean for any useCarian Lycian Lydian Phoenecian Ugaritic Linear B Old Italic
Jomolhari Open Font LicenseTibetan
Lohitkannada Open Font LicenseKannada
Kaputaunicode Sri Lanka Web Community CenterSinhala
Pothana2000 GPL v2+Telugu
Lateef Open Font LicenseSindhi
Khmeros ( LicenceKhmer
DhyanaGoogle Fonts Open Font LicenseLao
TharlonGoogle Fonts Open Font LicenseMyanmar Tai Le
Padauk Book Open Font LicenseMyanmar
Ayar fonts Open Font LicenseMyanmar
ZawgyiOne available. No licence information availableMyanmar
Garuda available. No licence information availableThai
Sundanese Unicode GPLSundanese
Tai Heritage Pro Open Font LicenseTai Viet
Sun-ExtA Sun-ExtB (Beijing ZhongYi Electronics Co)Chinese Japanese Runic
Unbatang GPLKorean
Aboriginal Sans GPL 3Cree Canadian Aboriginal Inuktuit
MPH 2B Damase domain)Glagolitic Shavian Osmanya Kharoshthi Deseret
Aegyptus for any useEgyptian Hieroglyphs
Akkadian for any useCuneiforn
Eeyek Unicode Mayek
Lannaalif Tham
Daibanna SIL Book Open Font LicenseNew Tai Lue
KFGQPC Uthman Taha Naskh (Koran/Quran)
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