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Wilcity Translation Helper

Wilcity Translation Helper is a plugin that helps you can translate config.translation.php easier.

In order to translate config.translation.php before, You will have to download this file from wilcity theme, translate it and upload the translation file to wilcity-childtheme -> configs.folder.

With Wilcity Translation Helper plugin, you can use Loco to translate this file.

How can I setup this feature?

Before setting up this feature, make sure that you are using the latest version of Wilcity and Wilcity Plugins.

Wilcity Service is an useful tool for updating:

Step 1: Click on Wilcity Service -> Install and Activate Wilcity Translation Helper plugin

Step 2: Click on Loco from the sidebar (If you do not see Loco, please read -> Themes -> Search for Wilcity

Step 3: Translate Wilcity theme

Step 4: Finally, click on Sync Wilcity Translation button

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