Wilcity App Deep Link

NOTE: If you have joined our Silver or Gold Plan that we will build everything for you, please check your mailbox and reply to our email asking whether you want to include the Deep Link feature for your app. 

How can I config this feature?

App JSON Configuration

Before working on this feature, please download the latest version of Wilcity App on the ThemeForest -> Extract wilcity-package.zip, you will see wilcity-app.zip -> It’s Wilcity app folder

Step 1: Firstly, open app.json under wilcityapp folder and name a value for “scheme”. The value must not contain uppercase or special characters.

    "expo": {
        "scheme": "your_scheme"

Step 2: In app.json, find the android config and copy the code below to paste inside it:

"intentFilters": [{
     "action": "VIEW",
     "data": [{
        "scheme": "your_scheme"
     "category": [

The full configuration should look like this

Remember to write your own scheme value exactly the same name that you have set at Step 1

Theme Options Configuration

Step 1. From the admin sidebar, click on Wilcity Service -> Install and Activate Wilcity App Deep Link plugin

Step 2: Click on Appearance -> Theme Options -> Mobile App General Settings

Step 3: Complete the following settings

App Schema: It’s schema setting in your app.json

Android Package App: It’s package setting under android configuration in app.json

IOS App ID: You can find it in your App Store URL https://apps.apple.com/app/apple-store/id1503855433


Version 1.0.2

Resolves deep link issue on iOS device

Version 1.0

First release

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