Wilcity Instafeed Hub

Wilcity Instafeed Hub is a WordPress plugin and it’s compatible with the Wilcity theme only. This plugin helps to showcase your Instagram Images, Videos in awesome pre-made gallery styles.

Demo: You can check the demo at https://demo.wilcityapp.com/listing/leon-hotel/

Buy Now: https://wilcityservice.com/product/wilcity-instafeed-hub/

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How it works?

Please watch the following video

Is this feature compatible with Wilcity App?

Yes, It’s compatible with Wilcity App

How can I install this plugin?

  1. From the admin sidebar, click on Appearance -> Install Plugins -> Make sure that Wilcity and Wilcity’s plugins are up-to-date
  2. Make sure that you are using Wilcity Service 1.1.6 or higher version. If you are using the old version, You can go to Plugins -> Deactivate and Delete it then re-install it by following https://documentation.wilcity.com/knowledgebase/how-to-auto-update-wilcity-wordpress-theme/
  3. Purchasing Wilcity Instafeed Hub at https://wilcityservice.com/product/wilcity-vr-360-panorama/
  4. Log into your site -> Click on Wilcity Service from the sidebar  -> Click on the Install button on Wilcity Advanced WooCommerce box -> Finally, click Activate this plugin

Generate InstafeedHub Token (Since Wilcity InstafeedHub 1.1, this setting is required)

  1. Go to https://instafeedhub.com/ -> Register an account
  2. Then click on My Account -> API -> Here you will see your Access Token and your Refresh Token
  3. Now, log into your website -> Click on InstafeedHub -> Copy the information on the (2) and paste to correspondent setting here
  4. Finally, click Update

Wilcity InstafeedHub vs InstafeedHubplugins 

Differences between Wilcity InstafeedHub and InstafeedHubplugins

Wilcity InstafeedHub is built for only the Wilcity theme. It allows your users to embed/add their Instagram into their Listings.

InstafeedHub can run on all websites using WordPress. It helps to embed/add Instagram contents into a post. 

Can I use Both Wilcity InstafeedHub and InstafeedHub plugins in ONE website?

Definitely yes! You can use InstafeedHub to add your Instagram feed into WordPress Editor as backend work. Meanwhile, Wilcity InstafeedHub allows your customers to embed their Instagram feed into a post as the frontend.


Version 1.1.5

Bug Fixes::

  1. Fixes an issue that Causing Instafeedhub could not renew token if the token was expired

Version 1.1.4

Bug Fixes::

  1. Fixes an issue that could cause Customer does not login automatically issue

Version 1.1.3

Bug Fixes::

  1. Fixes an issue that could cause Instagram to disapear

Version 1.1.1

Bug Fixes::

  1. Fixes an issue that could cause Belongs To (Listing Plan) set to Instafeed Hub Title instead of Plan name

Version 1.1.0

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixes an issue that could prevent Admin to modify Listing Author Instagram. Notice: You need to update Wilcity theme as well.

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