Wiloke Google Authenticator

Wiloke Google Authenticator is a WordPress plugin for Wilcity, it allows your customer to enable 2-factor authentication using the Google Authenticator app for Android/iPhone/Blackberry. 

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How can I install this plugin?

  1. Make sure that you are using the latest version of Wilcity and Wilcity Plugins (You can click on Wilcity Service from the sidebar, If you see Update button on Wilcity or Wilcity Plugins -> Click the Update button)
  2. Purchasing Wiloke Google Authenticator at https://wilcityservice.com/product/wiloke-google-authenticator/
  3. Log into your site -> Click on Wilcity Service from the sidebar  -> Click on Install button on Wilcity Advanced WooCommerce box -> Finally, click Activate this plugin

How can I set up this feature?

  1. From the admin sidebar, click on Appearance -> Theme Options -> Register and Login
  2. Search for Two-Factor Authentication Login -> Enable it
  3. Enter in Two-Factor name
  4. You can skip Verification page setting


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How can Enable features work?

Step 1: Download Google Authenticator to your Mobile App.

If you are using:

  1. iOS system, please click on Google Authenticator iOS
  2. Android system, please click on Google Authenticator Android

Step 2: Enabling 2 Step-Verification through the admin area

Scan QR code

  1. From the admin sidebar, click on Users -> Your Profile
  2. Next, open Google Authenticator app on your phone -> Click on + icon -> Scan QR code (Please watch video above to know more)
  3. Finally, Enable 6 digit-codes to Verify OTP to Enable this feature field and click Verify OTP code button

Step 2′: Enabling 2 Step-Verification through the customer area

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Does Wiloke Google Authenticator work with Wilcity App?

Yes, Wilcity App supported this feature. Please make sure that you use the Wilcity App version that released after July 14, 2020.

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Version 1.1:

Bug Fixes: 

  1. Resolves an issue that could cause Crash site issue if CMB2 plugin activated before installing the plugin
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