Wiloke OTP Login

How to Set up Wiloke OTP plugin?

Before installing the plugin:

  1. If you haven’t bought Wiloke OTP plugin, click on Wiloke OTP Login product. We suggest you consider to buy Wilcity Bundle Plugin to unlock all of our premium plugins and features.
  2. Click on Wilcity Service, make sure that Wilcity and Wilcity is up-to-date

Setting up Wiloke OTP plugin:

  1. Click on Wilcity Service
  2. Find Wiloke OTP Login plugin then click on the button Install.
  3. Click Active
  4. After it is installed, refresh the page (F5). Now you will see Wiloke OTP Login on the Admin sidebar, click on it and complete all settings there (All of them are required)

Explanation for settings:

     #1 Is Enable? Turn on/off the plugin

     #2 Expiration Time The time that an OTP code can work.

     #3 #4 Subject and Content for the email containing the OTP code sent to users.

Do Wiloke Login work on Wilcity App?

Yes, this feature is working well on Wilcity App


Version 1.1.0

Integrated OTP Login to Wilcity App

Version 1.0.1

Resolves an issue that could cause OTP Login to stop sending email when entering to Email

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