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How can I update to Wilcity 1.2.0.x?

All existing users should create a Staging Site and upload the new version on it first – please read to learn how to create a Staging site. We added lots of features to this version, so it may conflict with a third-party plugin and your custom code, the Staging site is a safe solution for your business.

Before uploading the new version to Live site, make sure that everything is backed up (You can read and follow to learn how to do that)

Make sure that you are using the latest version of WordPress and your hosting is running PHP 7.2 or higher version.

We DO NOT recommend using any MINIFY SCRIPT plugin

How to update to new version ?

Converting data to Wilcity 1.2.0

  1. Download Wilcity Convert To 120 plugin
  2. Login into your site
  3. Click on Plugins -> Add New -> Install this plugin
  4. Click on Wilcity Convert To 120 from the admin sidebar
  5. Click on Convert Data button
  6. You can delete this plugin after finishing

After updating all Wilcity theme and Wilcity Plugins, don’t forget to flush WordPress Cache + CDN cache before testing.

3 thoughts on “How can I update to Wilcity 1.2.0.x?

  1. It didn’t work after updating the theme all my listing settings disappeared. I cleared the cache and use the different browser but nothing worked, raised a ticket to the support team, let’s see if it gets solved.

  2. You are not interested in paisa customer

  3. Very poor customer support. ???

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