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WooCommerce Advanced WooCommerce is an WordPress plugin, it’s compatible with Wilcity Listing Directory Theme only. This plugin allows you can:

  1. Show up WooCommerce Simple Products on a Single Listing with professional style.
  2. Customer can Order Product directly right on Listing page. 
  3. After a customer ordered a product, Wilcity will send a notification (Wilcity App) + SMS to Product Vendor and Customer

All Customers who purchased Wilcity Paid Plugin before 14 September, 2020 can use product even your license has been expired. This offer is not available for Customers who joined Free Trial plan.

All items purchased after  14 September, 2020 can't use if your license is being expired.



1 review for Wilcity Advanced WooCommerce

  1. Sinan

    Wilcity Contact Form and Wilcity Advanced WooCommerce those themes gave error when tried to download from wilcity service plugin? whats the problem?

    • nguyendttn

      Please open a ticket on https://wilcityservice.com/support/ This ticket, please give us your site url + Order Number + Login account, We will check it for you.

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