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Join Wilcity Bundle Plugins  club to unlock all premium plugins 

Warning: Account that you use to purchase a Wilcity Product and Account that you used to generate Wilcity Token MUST BE THE SAME. If you purchased Wilcity Product with another account, please contact us at Contact Us


Once you purchase the plugin, You can unlock:

  1. Wilcity Advanced WooCommerce – $99
  2. Wilcity App Deep Link – $99
  3. Wilcity Contact Form – $99
  4. Wilcity InstafeedHub – $99
  5. Wilcity Open Table – $99
  6. Wilcity VR 360 – $99
  7. Wiloke Google Authenticator – $99
  8. Wilcity OTP Login – $99
  9. Wilcity Add Listing From App
  10. Wilcity Google Login  – $99
  11. And much more plugins in the future


All Customers who purchased Wilcity Paid Plugin before 14 September, 2020 can use product even your license has been expired. This offer is not available for Customers who joined Free Trial plan.

All items purchased after  14 September, 2020 can't use if your license is being expired.

  1. Please setup Wilcity Service from your site.
  2. Then, You can download the premium plugins by clicking on Wilcity Service menu your WordPress Admin Sidebar

19 reviews for Wilcity Plugin Bundles

  1. nguyendttn

    Firstly, We are sorry for any issue you are getting!
    Can you please leave your ticket here?

  2. nguyendttn

    We just searched on the support forum, We saw you opened a ticket https://nimb.ws/xuGbWJ and We replied to it already, please check it.
    If you have any problem with app, please open a ticket there

  3. siantik

    Wilcity Contact Form and Wilcity Advanced WooCommerce those themes gave error when tried to download from wilcity service plugin? whats the problem?

    • nguyendttn

      Account that you use to purchase a Wilcity Product and Account that you used to generate Wilcity Token MUST BE THE SAME. If you purchased Wilcity Product with another account, please contact us at Contact Us https://wilcityservice.com/contact-us/

  4. sayyam (verified owner)

    Now i bought the bundle
    1- My theme license is expired and i have bought this bundle need to ask that how can i raise a ticket
    2- I am unable to update themes and plugins as of expired notice – does this bundle purchase won’t allow me to update things via wilcity service on my website
    3- Do you plan to add Wilcity Product module the one is too much complicated can it be custom devloped just for the product showcase
    4- Need to raise support ticket.,

    • nguyendttn

      We solved update issue for you 15 hours ago https://nimb.ws/FQe7dN Please check your email.

  5. Prabhat

    Hello Nguyendttn,
    Please help me in understanding the difference between renewing license from envato and this 75$ plugin offer. I think in both ways one could update plugins etc right? Please do enlight me.
    Just to inform I purchased wilcity last year in December and my support license is expired.

  6. Kamil Ozer

    Hello. Do we need Envanto support to use the plugins? Can we use it without support?

  7. ayodeji

    do you have a plugin or stipend that can help with generic search function i.e a search bar that works for all direction type

  8. aleepervaiz (verified owner)

    Recently bought the premium plugins bundle pack. Everything worked perfectly as expected. Wilcity team has done a great job and they are adding new plugins to the bundle which works great and giving your project a new look and variations to stand out from others in the market.

  9. Ken

    I bought this plugin but my order is still pending approval?

  10. Sritharr (verified owner)

    Must have addon for wilcity. Minor bugs but support is always great to solve all issues. Appreciate the teams effort for continues development.

  11. Jacob (verified owner)

    too many bugs in every plugin. Vey dissapointed with this theme…

  12. Gabitom

    Is the “Wilcity App AddListing” plugin part of the Premium Plugins?

    • nguyendttn

      Yes, it’s part of Premium Plugin

  13. Sherwin (verified owner)

    I already do the purchase, put the coupon code and checkout after I put my card details. But where can I download the plugins?

    • nguyendttn

      Please setup Wilcity Service plugin then click on Wilcity Service from the Admin Sidebar to install the plugins.

  14. Rushit

    We now give you a FreePremiumPlugins Coupon which is a 100% price discount for Wilcity Premium Plugins as our sincere apology to you.

    Where To Find Coupon Code

  15. pos9desa (verified owner)

    can to be for renew support…?

  16. Surendra

    Your service is not good

  17. Kemal

    Wilcity Support has ALWAYS had incredible service and always goes far and beyond. Incredible team behind the theme.

    Do we need to renew each year … or it would work continuously without renewal??

  18. Felix

    Is support team still here? 3 days no response…

  19. asloob (verified owner)

    why no one reply on the tickets?

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