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Wilcity 2.0 will cease for now

Hello from Wilcity team

We’re sorry to announce that we have to pause the Wilcity 2.0 project because Covid-19 has badly affected our revenue for a long time now. Instead, we will focus on completing WPML for Mobile App and on supporting works. So don’t hesitate to send your tickets if you need support for your Wilcity. 

It’s sad for us too to come to this decision. We hope you are doing better.

We now give you a FreePremiumPlugins Coupon which is a 100% price discount for Wilcity Premium Plugins as our sincere apology to you. 

Again we apologize for our hard decision to temporarily stop Wilcity 2.0 And thank you guys for always being beside us. Hope to see you again with our other products in the future. 

Thank you

Wilcity team

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Wilcity 1.4.0 is now available

Dear folks,

Wilcity 1.4.0 is now available. This update includes lots of improvements and some bug fixes.

Here are some major features on this update:

  1. pageStack works well with Elementor, King Composer, and Visual Composer now
  2. Improves a feature that allows Wilcity to auto-detect lat-long when clicking on a Map area on Add Listing page
  3. New App Version announcement…/simulator_screenshot_1C87A0A9.
  4. Improves Pay & Publish listing UX.
  5. Get rid of the Select Listing Types step if there is 1 listing type only.

Please read to learn how to update to this version.

Add Listing features IS AVAIlABLE on Wilcity App

You can now allow Customers to Add a Listing on your App, please read to learn how to do that.

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Integrating HsBlog to Wilcity

What’s HsBlog

HsBlog is an elegant WordPress Blog, Magazine theme based on ReactJS – A JS Application created by Facebook. Take advantage of ReactJs, HsBlog brings to your readers a different experience than other themes: When clicking a link on the website, HsBlog doesn’t Have To Refresh the Browser, the data is downloaded instantly instead. SPAs are all about serving an outstanding UX by trying to imitate a “natural” environment in the browser — no page reloads, no extra wait time.


Purchase HsBlog:

Integrating HsBlog to Wilcity Theme

Before you start

Before you start, make sure that the following plugins are installed and updated:

HsBlog Core

  1. Log into your Hsblog site
  2. Click on Wiloke Service
  3. Then click on Update button on HsBlog Core

Wilcity Plugins

  1. Log into your Wilcity Site
  2. Process to update the following plugins: Wilcity Shortcodes, Wilcity Elementor Addon (If you are using Elementor), Wilcity WP Bakery Addon (If you are using WP Bakery Pagebuilder)
  3. Look for Wilcity HsBlog plugin and click on Install button. Then, click on Activate button.

Integrating HsBlog Category to Wilcity Theme

Step 1: From the admin sidebar, click on Appearance -> Theme Options -> HsBlog Settings -> Enter in your HsBlog Website URL to HsBlog Base Url setting

Step 2: Click Save Changes

Step 3: Go to your Homepage -> You will see Edit Page link at the top of the page -> Click on it. Or you can click on Pages (on the Admin sidebar) -> Search for your Homepage -> Click on Edit link

Step 4: Do the following steps to add HsBlog Categories to your site (Do the same thing with Elementor and WP Bakery)

Integrating HsBlog To Wilcity App

Before you start

Before you start, You should go to ThemeForest and download latest version of Wilcity. Then you need to extract file, You will see – It’s latest version of Wilcity App.

Re-creating Wilcity App

Step 1: Extract

Step 2: Open configureApp.json and add your hsblog site to baseUrl under apiHighSpeedBlog. The code should look like this:

    "api": {
        "baseUrl": "",
        "timeout": 30000
    "apiHighSpeedBlog": {
        "baseUrl": "",
        "timeout": 30000

Step 3: Rebuild your app.

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Lunar New Year Holiday announcement

Dear valued customers and business partners, Lunar New Year is the biggest traditional holiday in Vietnam when people come back hometown and families gather. So we’re pleased to inform that:

  • 2021 Lunar New Year is from the 9th to 16th of February.
  • Our Support Team are still working in that time, but the response might be a bit slow – it can take up to 48h.

We suggest that you search for your problems at first. Then if there’s still no solution, don’t hesitate to submit a ticket in💕 We are really grateful and send many thanks for your kind attention and being appreciative with this situation. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Wish everyone a happy and successful new year!

Wiloke Team

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Email Confirmation Stop working

We got lots of reporting about Email Confirmation stop working today.

After a few hours of work, We figured out that the Email Templates plugin is causing this problem.

We reported this issue to Email Template plugin author and We believe they will fix it soon.

In order to resolve the issue manually, please do the following steps:

  1. Download this file
  2. Then upload to plugins -> email-templates -> admin -> templates folder.
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What is a deep link?

What is a deep link?

Deep link is a type of link for mobile platforms that directs users to a particular content inside an app.

When a customer clicks on a Deep Link, there are 2 circumstances when users click on a deep link:

#1 People using laptops and computers will be redirected to another web page (as usual).

#2 People using smartphones and tablets won’t see a website. Instead:

#2.1 If they have installed the app: The deep link will open a relevant content inside the app.

#2.2 If the app hasn’t been installed yet: A pop-up window will appear and invite users to install the app. If they choose Yes, it will direct them to the app page in the App Store or CH Play.

So what are Benefits of Deep Links?

  1. Deep links are convenient and follow the mobile trend. It helps users immediately go inside the app from a mobile website or social media. Which satisfies the demand of modern life
  2. Deep links can increase sales. The convenience of deep links improves the possibility that people will buy products instead of sleeping on it then choose other products or buy it from other providers.
  3. Deep links help to earn loyal customers. Some people have installed the app but don’t use it so often. Deep links encourage them to use the app more frequently.
  4. Google also indexes mobile app deep links. That means people can find your app through search and become your new users!

Wilcity App does support Deep links!

Please read

NOTE: If you have joined our Silver or Gold Plan, please check your mailbox and reply to our email asking whether you want to include the Deep Link feature for your app. 

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Certify Compliance with Platform Terms and Developer Policies

Dear folks,

If you are using Facebook Login feature in Wilcity Listing Directory WordPress Theme & App or any WordPress Theme, make sure that you updated new Data Use Checkup policy.

To update the policy, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on your App
  3. Read the new Facebook Policy, and then check on all required boxes if you agree to it
  4. Finally, click Submit buttom

If you have any further questions, feel free open a ticket on

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How to resolve Notification issue on iOS App?

We recently got lots of feedback about Wilcity App Notification on iOS device.

After 1 week worked on this feature, We finally find the reason.

How does Notification works?

When Wilcity Web emit a notification message, Wilcity App will push a notification to EXPO server (1) . Then, Expo will push this notification to your device (2)

If (1) is successfully, We will get oke status. But as Expo explained it their documentation:

Note: a status of ok along with a receipt ID means that the message was received by Expo’s servers, not that it was received by the user (for that you will need to check the push receipt).

Why do you get this issue?

We checked on some customers App and We released that all Apps are facing (2). And the specific reason is The Apple Push Notification service key for your account could not be loaded, likely due to a malformed p8 file. Expo needs a valid PEM key in order to deliver notifications to APNs 

But why did it work before? =>

How can I resolve this issue?

We wrote an article about this, please read and follow to resolve this issue

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Setting up Listings Tabs and Terms Slider for your App

A few days ago, We posted about Listings Tabs and Terms Slider features are coming soon on Wilcity Fanpage, and it’s available now. In this tutorial, We will show you how can you set up App Listings Tabs and Terms Slider for your App.

Step 1: Updating Wilcity Mobile App plugin

In order to use this feature, you need to update Wilcity Mobile App plugin to the latest version (1.5.4). There are 2 ways to do that:

Updating Wilcity Mobile App through Wilcity Service (Recommended)

If you still not install Wilcity Service, please click on to learn how to setup this plugin.

From the admin sidebar, click on Wilcity Service -> Click on Update button on the Wilcity Mobile App plugin

Re-installing Wilcity Mobile App manually

  1. Going to
  2. Downloading Wilcity Package
  3. Extracting
  4. Extracting
  5. Now, you will see plugins folder -> Click on this folder, you will see
  6. Logging into your site with your administrator account -> Navigate to Plugins -> Deactive and Delete the Wilcity Mobile App
  7. Finally, click on Add new Plugin -> Upload to your site and active it

Step 2: Rebuilding Wilcity App

  1. Going to
  2. Downloading Wilcity Package
  3. Extracting
  4. You will see there
  5. Rebuilding your app with this version

Step 2: Setting up these features

Setting up App Listings Tabs feature

Adding these features to your app is the same what you did before:

#1 From the admin sidebar, click on Appearance -> Your App Home page

#2 Clicking on Add Element link

#3 Now, a window popup will be appeared -> Navigate to Wilcity Mobile App

#4: Clicking on App Listings Tabs

#5: Completing your configuration.

Please pay attention to Taxonomy Type setting:

If you select Listing Category as Taxonomy type, the Categories will be used as its Navigation.

If you specify a Listing Location in the block (EG: NewYork), it will filter all listings belong to a selected Category in NewYork Location

Setting up Terms Slider feature

The same Wilcity Apps Listings Tabs, but you should use Wilcity Terms Box instead. In the setting, please set Modern Slider as its style.

Hiring an expert to Build and Submit your App: Once you purchased Silver or Gold plan, you can use all Premium Plugins for free as well